Hi, We are the Millos', designers, husband and wife, and we're glad you found us! We are the creators and the driving force behind The Macramé Project Initiative by Freebird Design House, producing Jewelry for a cause. The idea was to create a manufacturing base in a 3rd world country of designer Bohemian Chic Style Micro Macramé Jewelry and Accessories. In that way touching the lives of people in dire need of employment who were not as lucky as we were to be born in a western civilized country, where many things we take for granted are hard to come by such as; hot water, medical services, social services and much more. Our research brought us to a small village in the province of Udon Thani in the north eastern region of Thailand where people of Laos origin reside. The people in this poverty stricken region work cultivating rice and sugar cane fields. Apart from that jobs are scarcely available. The high unemployment rate forces many villagers to seek work far away whether it be in the touristic locations of Thailand, the ever growing capital city of Bangkok or abroad in western countries doing hard labor. While working far away most villagers choose to leave their children behind in the safety and freedom of the village, leaving the care and well being of their children in the hands of the larger family, and in many cases for years at a time. This way they are able to send money to the village and support their way of life.


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Upon arriving in the village we were immediately greeted with the warmth and hospitality accustom to these parts and more importantly with great enthusiasm that they will be working with the “Farang” (which means strangers in Thai). They are hard workers and appreciate any work offered to them. Any purchases made with our company will allow us to give work to more and more people in the village and perhaps the ability to build additional manufacturing bases in other remote regions of the world where work is badly needed. Not only will you be helping to empower these women while allowing them to support their family with dignity  but you will also be purchasing unique handcrafted macramé and micro macramé jewelry designs that can not be found anywhere else in the world.